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Mr. D B SINGH, the top man widely acclaimed for his command on Physics. His name is more than familiar to any student who is preparing for IIT-JEE. He is held in high reverence by the seeker of his subject. One can hardly fail to notice his deep logical approach during various class discussion. Behind his friendly smile lie one of the prominent in today’s world of Physics teaching. Mr. D B Singh has more than 20 years of experience in rendering services as a Director of Vigyan Gurukul Kota, Director of “IIT Physics Centre Kota” and Physics expert in the world Kota coaching classes. With span of over 20 years of extensive teaching career for IIT-JEE he has become an eminent author and Physics motivator among IITJEE students. Devoted in mind and spirit with his dedication and positive attitude, he produces wonderful results each year and he continue his efforts for training a whole fresh generation of best talents in the country. About his management philosophy he says “Try to identify what student does not know “. His convincing power leaves an unforgettable impression on the student’s mind. His motivation lectures generate a spark of the interest among the students. Having vast and practical knowledge of Physics he has been certified by IIT Kanpur in Advanced course on Special theory of Relativity physics,
Quantum mechanics & Classical Electromagnetism with outstanding performance and with Excellent performance in Classical mechanics furthermore he is the renowned and experienced author of various books for IIT-JEE like as “Solutions to Irodov’s (Vol.1 & Vol.2)”,Daily Practice Problems (DPP) for JEE Main & Advanced and A Master Resource Book in Physics for JEE Main from Arihant Publication
Mr. DB Singh has mentored over 1000 IITians like as AIR 24,60, 62,65,67 and many more. Apart from that many top rankers have got 100/100 in JEE(Main) and have secured above 90 marks in JEE (Advanced) physics. His unique style of teaching and JEE standard prepared materials many students performed very well like as Mr. Mridul Goyal secured 103/120 marks in JEE (Advanced) 2021 and 100/100 in JEE-Main Physics. Sudhakar Neel Mani secured 58/60 in IIT JEE 2005